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Hi! I’m Nathan Venn, (some people call me Nate). I’m a multimedia designer from sunny South Africa.


I split my time between ui design, web design, graphic design & vector illustration, which means you’ll usually find me making at least one of the following: websites, infographics, icon sets, animated graphics & videos. I also specialize in motion graphics in After Effects, 3D modeling in Maya, high quality vector illustration, custom logo concepts & branding.


As a multimedia designer I excel in a very wide spectrum of digital design techniques, integrating my knowledge and expertise of graphic design and print into the digital arts platform. From the most complex of animation compositions right down to the simplest logo design, I pay meticulous attention to detail and quality in every aspect of my work.


I really enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge in design with others and advising clients on the latest design trends, and industry break-throughs. Design is a progressive and ever evolving Industry that changes and adapts itself to technology and the current world we live in. Its aim is to always achieve the most effective communication with its audience through multiple visual platforms.


Additional (but equally important) facts:


Driven by a crazy (“loko”) passion for good design, I will succeed in supplying you with all of your motion and design needs.

“Vectors are the Superlatives of all Design Forms!” - NC Venn


Nathan Venn

+27 (0) 72 3422 000


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